Arthur A. Weasley (tc_arthur_w) wrote,
Arthur A. Weasley

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Woes of a Weasley.

I have been fairly preoccupied by Ministry troubles recently. Henry sent me another owl in which he tells me that a young female Muggle has disappeared in the same spot the other Muggles have been going missing. I'm pretty much certain now... those Dark bastard Death Eaters are behind this whole thing. ...there's something nasty going on there.

Molly and I can't seem to stop fighting. It's a constant war of words. I understand it's mostly because I'm never home anymore and she's about to explode with the new baby... but I just wish she realized what pressure I'm under.

If you are willing to go to Ireland for recon, let me know. I can't trust anyone here anymore. Are you game?
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