Arthur A. Weasley (tc_arthur_w) wrote,
Arthur A. Weasley

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Running Ragged

Merlin, but I am tired. The baby has been crying for a week straight. Molly and I believe he's got a bit of the colic, but I'm afraid that maybe he's gotten into some funny powder or something that I brought home from the office.

Speaking of the office - no one is telling me anything. I'm left to my own devices, having to investigate walking televisions and a flying car. The last one is definately interesting. I wouldn't mind having one of those. But I can't. I'll just fantasize about it. Damn my working for the ministry, else I could have gotten this one. It was an Austin-Healey Sprite! Molly would have loved it, I'm sure of it.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired?
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