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Burrow Bureau

...or, Hello From Arthur Weasley

12/14/04 07:14 pm - Private to Order Members

I haven't heard from Henry in a while, and the Ministry (at least my little corner of it) is very quiet. I'm still wondering what the full repercussions of the attack on Gringotts is. Has there been more news about what might have been there that the Death Eaters would have wanted?

11/22/04 07:12 pm

Molly, dearest heart... do you mind if we have some people over for dinner soon?

11/12/04 01:55 pm - Private and Warded to all save Order Members

Text of Henry's OwlCollapse )

11/10/04 12:21 pm - Buried to my eyeballs in work...

...and I have been neglecting my little journal.

I see that my brothers-in-law have joined the journal revolution. Welcome Fabian and Gideon! I haven't talked to you in a while...hopefully we'll be able to meet up soon and discuss some things like how Molly has been knitting you outrageously bad jumpers.

I have to remind myself... Smile Weasley, it's not all that bad...

10/30/04 09:08 pm - Running Ragged

Merlin, but I am tired. The baby has been crying for a week straight. Molly and I believe he's got a bit of the colic, but I'm afraid that maybe he's gotten into some funny powder or something that I brought home from the office.

Speaking of the office - no one is telling me anything. I'm left to my own devices, having to investigate walking televisions and a flying car. The last one is definately interesting. I wouldn't mind having one of those. But I can't. I'll just fantasize about it. Damn my working for the ministry, else I could have gotten this one. It was an Austin-Healey Sprite! Molly would have loved it, I'm sure of it.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

10/12/04 06:35 pm - Muggle Radio.

Muggle Radio is by far the best way to learn about the Wizarding World. Funny I say that - I am, after all, an employee of the Ministry of Magic. However, I never know anything going on in my world or any other world. Things I think I know turn out not to be so. People I thought I knew have deep dark secrets I never thought possible. And the Ministry tells me shit for beans. Therefore, Muggle Radio, where I can hear music that's actually quite danceable and peculiar things such as mysterious noises heard on the London Underground and missing Muggles near a place called Avesbury.

Bloody, stupid hell. I hate the bleeding Ministry. I work my ass off, while fucking bints like Lucius Malfoy can sit around twiddling thumbs and playing Wizard's Chess all day.

Oh, I like this song!

10/4/04 12:08 pm

Warded to L. Thos.Collapse )

Ministry life = sheer boredom. Ministry life = sure death to my soul I wish I would have gone into another line of work.

9/27/04 03:33 pm - Woes of a Weasley.

I have been fairly preoccupied by Ministry troubles recently. Henry sent me another owl in which he tells me that a young female Muggle has disappeared in the same spot the other Muggles have been going missing. I'm pretty much certain now... those Dark bastard Death Eaters are behind this whole thing. ...there's something nasty going on there.

Molly and I can't seem to stop fighting. It's a constant war of words. I understand it's mostly because I'm never home anymore and she's about to explode with the new baby... but I just wish she realized what pressure I'm under.

Warded to LawrenceCollapse )

9/18/04 09:58 pm

Professional Quidditch! When will it start? When will WWW start carrying Cannons matches live again? Oh, the agony!

9/18/04 12:09 am

Private. Please do not read. That means YOU too, Molly.Collapse )

Maybe I should take some of that sleeping draught I've been giving to a friend of mine and take it myself. I'm so tired.
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